Fitness is often seen as an unattainable goal for too many people. They make up excuses around why they cannot take control of their health and activity level. Whether it’s a busy schedule, a budgetary issue, or a personal reason keeping you from the gym, there’s a solution everyone can take advantage of right now:

Complete Suspension Fitness

Exercise Library of over 100 Strength and Flexibility Movements! 

Get more Strength, Stability and Flexibility to take your movement to the next level!

Learn a new way to achieve the fitness level of which you know you are capable, and to support the activities you love doing. If you have never heard of Suspended Training, you will be amazed at how easy it is to get started. If you have heard of it, or are already doing it, this book will be a resource you can return to time and time again to keep your program fresh and continue to reach new fitness breakthroughs.

Based on scientific research and 15 years of the author’s experience in the fitness field working with all levels of abilities, this book brings to you the most convenient, cost effective, and results-producing method to achieving the fitness you want.  It’s not a gimmick. It’s not rocket science, or reserved for elite athletes either.  This book guides you through the fundamentals necessary to understand the concepts and techniques of Suspension and Bodyweight Training.

Whether you simply want to feel better and move better, or push your active fitness endeavors and performance to new levels, this book with give you the tools and understanding on how to get there.

Strength for Cycling if you like to ride a bike, learn how Suspended Strength training can benefit anyone who enjoys cycling at any level and what to consider when doing your own workouts.

Strength for Running If you enjoy running as of part of any of your recreational or competitive activities, learn how to include a modest amount of Suspended Strength training to both improve our abilities and help to keep you injury free.

Building Better Bone Density   Bone health is an increasing concern, especially as we age. Get guidance on how Suspended Strength exercise helps improve bone density, what to include in your workouts if you are concerned about bone health, and easy ways to build and maintain stronger, more resilient bones.


Suspended Fitness is ideal for the self-motived, busy individual who wants get the most out of their time.  It’s a fun, innovative method that allows you to get it done, get results and have more time left over for family, work, leisure, or other active endeavors for which you’ll want to stay in peak condition.


UPDATE FOR 2019: The information on cycling, running and stretching is now available in shorter, more targeted versions of Suspension Fitness that are specific for each interest group! In addition, there is a For Beginners version that focuses on just the basics and keeps it simple.

Most of the information in the interested specific Suspension Fitness Books is also included in the COMPLETE SUSPENSION FITNESS book. So if you have in interested in more then one of the topic-specific groups, you may want to consider just purchasing the COMPLETE SUSPENSION FITNESS version.

The topic specific versions and links to purchase them are below.

Suspension Training for Beginners sticks to the basics as to not to overwhelm the novice Suspended Trainer user. It includes set on and technique instruction as well as an exercise library of beginner movements and a weekly program to get you started.

Suspension Fitness for Running is all about the benefits strength training can provide runners and how to structure it into your program

Suspension Fitness for Cycling is all about the benefits strength training can provide cyclists and how to structure it into your program

Suspension Fitness for Flexibility is all about stretching and improving flexibility. It includes set up and technique instruction, a library of dynamic stretches, specific information on the importance of stretching, a library of static stretches and a few balanced stretch routines.