About the Rip Trainer

The Rip Trainer is a bar with an elastic band attached.  It is anchored in the same way any band can to a door anchor, or anything else that is stable and available. You get the stability of pushing the resistance through a solid bar, and the flexibility of moving through many planes of movement.  The simplicity of it makes it a very forgiving and easy tool for a beginner. It allows you to progress to keeps things challenging and effective at any level.   Exercises can be performed symmetrically(pushing or pulling equally with both hands) as well as asymmetrically(the force only coming from one side of the body).  Sport specific movements such as a golf swing or slap shot can be mimicked more realistically. It can be anchored from above, chest height, or below, giving you a variety of angles to work with.

The ability to strengthen the core though resisted rotation is what makes this tool very unique.  Give it a try and I guarantee if you use the appropriate resistance, you will not be disappointed the the challenge it gives.

The only drawback is that you will need more space for some of the exercises than a hotel room might offer. You can to purchase an additional band if the medium resistance back that comes with it is too hard or too easy for you.  The bands come in Light, Medium, Heavy, X heavy and XX heavy.

Traveling with it is easy.  It unscrews and slips in to a lightweight back and can be tossed into a suite case, car or wherever you need to stash it to take it with you.

Getting Started

The Rip Trainer comes in 2 pieces that you screw together in the middle make the bar.  You can anchor it to anything stable with the carabineer.  This includes tree branches, fencing or a pole by wrapping the elastic band around the pole and and clipping it onto the band itself.  You can also anchor it to a door anchor used for suspension training.

Start Simple:  Try out a few easy movements to get comfortable with using it, and what a challenging level of resistance is for you.  A pressing, a pulling, a rotational and a lower body movement makes for a great beginner’s full body program.

Below is an example of a basic asymmetrical pressing movement.

Because the band is elastic, its easy to adjust the resistance.
More Difficult: step out more to increase the tension on the band.
Less Difficult: step back more to reduce the tension on the band​

Image  Image

Get creative, and design a workout to fit your needs and goals! 

Intermediate/advanced. Push against tougher resistance. Increase the speed of the movements. Combine movements such as a lunge and press, or row and squat.

For activities such as golf, tennis, softball or hockey : Mimic some of the movements required against resistance and develop more power for your slap shot or overhead serve.

If you are a triathlete or cyclist : Strengthen the pull portion of your swim stroke.  Solidify your run stride.  Build fatigue resistance on your long rides with multi plane, single leg and rotational, and asymmetrical core work.

For weight loss and a better physique: combine movements to get your heart rate up and burn more calories.  Work the larger muscle groups with squatting, lunging, pressing and pulling movements. Reduce the rest times for faster paced workout and more calorie burning

Can you can get Rip Trainers at these places.


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Tip: They generally retail for 189.95 full price.   Perform better and TRX both have frequent sales.  Check out all 3 sites for the best current price.  Sign up for the email list from both TRX and Perform Better. Odds are you will get a sale notification or discount sent to you at some point.