Rip Trainer Beginner Workout

Below are video examples of a beginner workout using a Rip Trainer. It includes a Push, Pull and Leg movement using the Rip Trainer.  This is a good workout to start with even if you are not a beginner because it will give you a feel for using the Rip Trainer.  A more advanced workout can be found HERE.

This workout is a great starting point for a beginner, as it is short and the exercises are simple movements.  If you are an intermediate or advanced fitness level don’t rule this workout out!  It makes a great warm-up, or part of a circuit routine when combined with other movements.

*The workout below is a jpeg so feel free to save and print for reference or to take you with you. 

Rip Trainer Beginner Workout


Single Arm Chest Press using the Rip Trainer

Note that each arm performs that work independently as the “power hand”, or the arm pushing against the resistance on that side.  So make sure you do 2 sets, one for set for each arm. Switch the arm that is pushing the side that the band is attached to. Keep the core tight to maintain posture as you work with the asymmetrical resistance load.



Single Arm Row using the Rip Trainer

The same concept of working each arm independently(see description of chest press above) applies.



Steer Squat

This is essentially a squat with lateral resistance.  The movement targets your core as well as your legs.   Either perform half that targeted reps on each side, or perform an equal number of sets with the resistance on each side.


When you are ready to progress, or just want to see what else can be done with the Rip Trainer, you can find the Advanced Workout Here


“This is cool I think I would like one of these….where can I get one?”  

You can get Rip Trainers from Amazon

You can get Rip Trainers from Perform Better 

You can find Rip Trainers from TRX directly 

Tip: They generally retail for 189.95 full price.   Perform better and TRX both have frequent sales.  Check out all 3 sites for the best current price.  If you are willing to wait, you can also sign up for the email list from both TRX and Perform Better and odds are you will get a sale notification or discount sent to you at some point. There are also non TRX branded options out there for much cheaper.  I can not speak for the quality of any individual product. However, it is a relatively simple tool and I would be willing to bet the many of the cheaper versions would serve you just as well.  If you are using a door anchor for attachment, just make sure it is a solid one.