Are you at a more advanced fitness level, or just curious as to what you can progress to with the Rip Trainer?  Here is a workout block consisting of 4 combination movements that require a bit more fitness and athleticism.  If you are a beginner or using the Rip Trainer for the first time, start with the Beginner Workout Here.

  • Squat Press Jump
  • Paddle-board Row with Split Squat Jump
  • High Row(Lawnmower Pull)
  • Slap-shot Progressing to Slap-shot with Shuffle

I chose these 4 movements because collectively they include both a squat movement and split squat movement for lower body leg and hip strength and stability. They also include pressing, pulling and rotational movements components for upper body.  In addition, the combination of movements as well as the jumping and shuffling brings cardiovascular component to your workout so don’t be surprised if you ended up getting winded at the end of your sets!



Squat Press Jump



Paddle-board Row with Split Squat Jump



High Row (Lawnmower Pull)


Slap-shot Progressing to Slap-shot with Shuffle


“This is cool I think I would like one of these….where can I get one?”  

You can get Rip Trainers from Amazon

You can get Rip Trainers from Perform Better 

You can find Rip Trainers from TRX directly 

Tip: They generally retail for 189.95 full price.   Perform better and TRX both have frequent sales.  Check out all 3 sites for the best current price.  If you are willing to wait, you can also sign up for the email list from both TRX and Perform Better and odds are you will get a sale notification or discount sent to you at some point.