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Suspension Fitness: The Easy Way to Improve
Functional Strength, Overall Fitness, Endurance and Health

Suspension Fitness: For Beginners:
A Beginners Guide To Improving
Strength and Stability Through
Suspended Training


Suspension Trainers

There are many suspension trainers available on the market at many price points. Things I recommend looking for when buying one for yourself are:

  • The height of the straps can be adjusted
  • Includes comfortable handles and foot cradles
  • Includes a large solid door anchor.

Here are a couple links to ones I recommend base on the things above.

The one above is the lowest priced one I could find at the time this page was updated that has everything I would look for in a suspension trainer. I have seen decent ones for cheaper in the past(as low as $40-45) so I will keep my eye out and update. Feel free to let me know if you find one cheaper and will check it out for a possible update on this page.


Elastic Bands

There are tons of bands on the market. I recommend get one with the protective covering, as they will last longer and prevent you from getting snapped if they happened to wear out and broke while you are using them. Below are two examples one ones I would recommend that are offered on Amazon. If you scroll a little further down, I included two more comparable options from Perform Better. The only difference between the two is that the first one is a single band, and the one below is actually two bands connected with a nylon loop in the middle.  This the double band is little more versatile to by used with more movements, but may require more space. The single band is a good option for traveling or tight spaces.

The bands below can be found at Perform I have bought a lot of my fitness equipment from them in the past and feel they offer good quality.  If you like to save money or are on a budget, sign up for their mailing list. The occasionally send out discount codes or other offers through email.

First Place Safety Toner: Light

First Place Safety Toner: Light

First Place Safety Toner Pro: Super Heavy

First Place Safety Toner Pro: Super Heavy