Exercise Bands Advanced Workout

Are you at a more advanced fitness level, or just curious as to what you can progress to with the a set of elastic bands?  Here is a workout block consisting of 4 combination movements that require a bit more fitness and athleticism.  If you are a beginner or using the Bands for the first time, start with the Beginner Workout Here.

I chose these 4 movements because collectively they include both a squat movement and split squat movement for lower body leg and hip strength and stability.  The more more complex movements that require more strength, stability and coordination, and this is why they were chosen for the advanced workout.  They also include pressing, pulling and rotational movements components for upper body.  In addition, the combination of movements as well as the jumping brings cardiovascular component to your workout so don’t be surprised if you ended up getting winded at the end of your sets!

Also, remember to chose the appropriate resistance for the movement you are doing.  Some movements may be harder than others at any given resistance. This depends on the complexity of the movement, the muscles being used and the length of the lever in relation to the point of resistance(or how far the resistance is from you center of mass).  You should feel fatigued at the end of our sets, but still be able to perform each repetition with good form.  You will figure out the best resistance for you as you get familiar with the movements.   You can always adjust the level by moving closer to the anchor point or choosing a different band tension.

Warm Up

Forward Lunge with Single Are Chest Press


Flexion and Extension


Main Circuit 

Split Squat Shoulder Press with Elastic Band


Lawn Mower Pulls



Bear Crawl


Plank Reverse Reaches with Elastic Band



Sprinter Starts with Elastic Band



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