Exercise Band Beginner Workout

This workout consist of four movements focused on four different areas of the body. Pushing, Pulling, Legs, Core.

The beginner movements selected are ideal for a beginner but can also be adjusted to add more resistance for the more experienced person. That are less complex then some of the movements in the more advanced workouts, and will allow you to develop strength and coordination as your body adapts to the resistance.  This program will give you a foundation of muscle strength by developing the muscle fibers as well as neuromuscular firing patterns.

Below is a basic, beginner workout.  Scroll down below the movement descriptions for video examples of each movement. This workout is a good start for someone who considers themselves a novice, doesn’t have a whole lot of experience with resistance training exercise or is getting back into exercising again after a break.  You will be able to adjust the resistance to some extent by the amount of tension you start with. If you want more resistance, step further back from the anchor point, if you want less step closer. The idea is to fatigue the muscle during throughout each set. You want to feel like it’s challenging to complete the sets, but you are able to maintain solid form and good posture all the way through it.

Frequency: 2 times/week in combination with additional endurance and flexibility training sessions.

*The workout below is a jpeg so feel free to save and print for reference or to take you with you. 

If you are at a more advanced fitness level, or are curious about how you can progress a workout with elastic bands, check out the intermediate or advanced workouts on the menu to the right.

Chest Press with Elastic Band

Benefits:  Strengthens muscles used in pushing movements (Pectorals, anterior deltoids and triceps).  Also improves core and whole body stabilization because it is performed from a standing position.

Form tips: Keep your elbows at shoulder height; don’t let them drop down to your sides. Fully extend the arms through the full ranges of motion, as if you are trying to reach out and touch something in front of you. If you find the band rubs on the top of your arms during the movement, either get your elbows up higher, or set the anchor point of the band a little higher up. This will get the band off your arms.


Row with Elastic Band

Benefits: Strengthens muscles used in pulling movements (lats, biceps, rhomboids). Great for improving posture for those who spend a lot of time at a computer or desk, or behind a steering wheel.

Form tips: Don’t let your shoulders round or slouch. Keep your shoulders back, chest out and think about squeezing your shoulder blades together as you pull the band toward you. You can perform either a high row, with your elbows up at shoulder height, or a low row where you let your elbows drop down to your side. They are both good.

Bench Squat

Benefits: Strengthens the large muscles of the legs(quadriceps, gluteus maximus, hamstrings). Squatting is a compound, full body exercise and very functional movement that will improve your ability to perform activities of daily living.

Form tips: Keep good posture throughout the squat. You may use a chair, bench, or anything that is stable enough to hold your weight. You may also do them without using the bench(freestanding). The purpose of the bench is to help insure new exercisers keep their and knees back for enough, and are able to develop a strength and feel of the squat under the correct form.

Go all the way down to seated position with all your weight settling on the bench and immediately come back up to standing position. If you use a chair, use one high enough where don’t have to bend forward from the waist and use momentum to stand back up.  Test it out by sitting and standing a few times. Using the bench allows you to keep your weight back over your mid-foot, knees behind the toes and lets you develop a feel for performing this exercise correctly(without having to worry about tumbling over backwards if your haven’t quite mastered the balance of it yet).   Sitting down and standing up may not seem like much initially, but get a bench that’s low enough, go through the movement at a good pace, get in 20 or more of these and you might be surprised. Especially if you are not used to doing a lot of squatting movements. To up the difficulty level, pick up some weight and hold it in front of you.  This can included anything. A dumbbell, a bag, or a six pack of beer!

Figure 8s

Benefits: Strengthens the core(abs, obliques), and hip stabilizers.

Form tips: Keep a good stance. You may do horizontal or vertical figure 8s.  The further you hold the band out and the straighter you make your arms, the harder it will become.  You can also increase resistance by stepping further away from where the band is attached.



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