Exercise Band Intermediate Workout

This workout consist of four movements focused on four different areas of the body. Pushing, Pulling, Legs, Core.

The beginner movements selected are ideal for a beginner but can also be adjusted to add more resistance for the more experienced person. That are less complex then some of the movements in the more advanced workouts, and will allow you to develop strength and coordination as your body adapts to the resistance.  This program will give you a foundation of muscle strength by developing the muscle fibers as well as neuromuscular firing patterns.

Below is an intermediate workout.  Scroll down below the movement descriptions for video examples of each movement. This workout is a good start for someone who considers themselves a novice, doesn’t have a whole lot of experience with resistance training exercise or is getting back into exercising again after a break.  You will be able to adjust the resistance to some extent by the amount of tension you start with. If you want more resistance, step further back from the anchor point, if you want less step closer. The idea is to fatigue the muscle during throughout each set. You want to feel like it’s challenging to complete the sets, but you are able to maintain solid form and good posture all the way through it.

Frequency: 2 times/week in combination with additional endurance and flexibility training sessions.

*The workout below is a jpeg so feel free to save and print for reference or to take you with you. 


Shoulder/Incline Chest Press with Band


Form Tips


Lat Pull-down with Band


Squat Row with Band

Get Ups

Reverse Fly

Split Squat with Lateral Resistance

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