Dynamic Stretch Circuits

Each of these circuits is a balanced selection of three movements targeting different parts of the body. The goal is improvement of both flexibility and stability. They are great as part of a warm-up because they will loosen up your joints, and increase circulation to better prepare you for the workout to come. They’re also good to perform between exercises within a workout, or by themselves during active recovery day. Doing some of them after a long day sitting down at the office, or after travel, will help loosen you up and counter the position you may have held for an extended period of time, which will also help prevent detrimental effects on your posture.

Level 2 Circuit:  Requires a higher level of ability then the level 1 circuit to property perform the movements. For example, the Lunge Rotation, and Hip Drop requires that are able to property perform a body weight lunge and have the strength to support yourself on one leg. The Inchworm require that you have the arm and core strength to support yourself briefly in the straight arm plank position.

Advanced Dynamic Stretch Circuit

Inchworm Walk Dynamic

Targeted Area: Hamstrings, calves, and core

No equipment needed

A catch all movement that builds core and arm strength, as well as flexibility of the lower back, hamstrings, and calves.

  1. Stand straight with a slight bend in your Bend at the waist by hinging at the hip, keeping your back flat.
  2. When you have reached the end of your hip hinge, only then allow your knees to bend so you can place your hands on the
  3. Walk your hands forward until you are in a straight-arm plank
  4. Walk your feet as close to your hands as you can, keeping your legs straightened. When you can’t get your feet any closer, walk forward once again with your

Note: Press your heels down toward the floor to facilitate the calf stretch.

Inchworm Stretch


Lunge-and-Rotate Walk 

A good all-purpose stretch that develops mobility in the upper torso area. It will also open up the front of the body with a nice chest stretch while requiring you to maintain stability in your hips during the walking lunge.

  1. Stand tall with your elbows bent to ninety degrees, raised, and in line with your shoulders (scarecrow position).
  2. Take a large step forward, and drop the back knee down toward the
  3. When you reach the bottom of the lunge, maintain the scarecrow position and rotate as far as you are able toward the front Hold the rotation for one to two seconds, and then return to the front-facing scarecrow position.
  4. Push through the back leg to come back to the starting position. Switch sides and

Note: As you become more proficient with the movement, you may progress by stepping through the starting position, immediately going into the next lunge step.

Lunge and Rotate Stretch


Hip Drop

This stretch loosens up the hip on one side while building stability in and warming up the supporting leg.

  1. Start facing toward the
  2. Cross one foot over the opposite knee, and drop your hips down toward the
  3. Hold for one to two seconds, and switch

Hip Drop Stretch

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