Dynamic Stretch Circuits

Each of these circuits is a balanced selection of three movements targeting different parts of the body. The goal is improvement of both flexibility and stability. They are great as part of a warm-up because they will loosen up your joints, and increase circulation to better prepare you for the workout to come. They’re also good to perform between exercises within a workout, or by themselves during active recovery day. Doing some of them after a long day sitting down at the office, or after travel, will help loosen you up and counter the position you may have held for an extended period of time, which will also help prevent detrimental effects on your posture.

Level 1 Circuit

Basic movements that are fundamental to improving the quality of your movement patterns in all endeavors. Master these between progressing to level 2 movements.  For increasing flexbility, loosen up with these dynamic stretches and then add some static stretching to the second part of the session.

Scarecrow Stretch 

This is a good all-purpose stretch that develops mobility in the thoracic spine area and also opens up the front of the body with a gentle chest stretch.

  1. Stand tall with your elbows bent to ninety degrees, raised, and in line with your shoulders (scarecrow position).
  2. Maintain this position and rotate as far as you are able toward one
  3. Hold for one to two seconds, and switch

Note: Make yourself tall, and think about leading the rotation with the shoulder blade of the shoulder you are rotating toward. Keep your elbows back.


Knee Hug

This stretch develops mobility in the  hips and improves balance and stability in the supporting-stance leg.

  1. With good posture and keeping a slight bend in the supporting leg, lift the knee as high as possible and gently hug it to your
  2. Hold for one to two seconds, step forward, and repeat with the opposite leg.

Note: Always keep just a slight bend in the supporting leg. Don’t lock it out





Walking Quad Stretch (Ankle Grabs) 

This movement develops both balance and stability on the supporting leg and mobility on the side being stretched. This is because you have to balance in the single-leg stance for a moment during each step while stretching the opposite leg.

  1. This is a walking dynamic With each step, kick your heel toward your butt and grab your ankle with the opposite hand.
  2. Hold onto that ankle, but don’t pull with your Instead, squeeze your glutes and hamstrings to actively bring the knee back until you feel a stretch in the front of the thigh and front of the hips.
  3. Hold the stretch for just one or two seconds, and then switch.

Note: If you don’t have the balance to stand on one leg as you do this, hold onto the suspension strap. If you don’t have the flexibility to grab your ankle, start with the static hip flexor stretches until you increase your flexibility enough to do so. 

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