Tracy Christenson - Suspension Fitness & Beyond

Tracy Christenson

I began my career as a personal trainer at a large fitness center in Dallas, Texas. Early in my time there, I remember seeing one of the more innovative instructors—who was also a cycling and triathlon coach—experiment with a suspension trainer during off-peak hours. This took place in the corner of the fitness center’s free-weight area. It was like nothing I had seen before. I loved it.

A couple of years later, a little more confident as a strength and conditioning professional and looking to expand my skill set, I purchased my own suspension training kit and started to experiment. A TRX® Suspension Training Certification course came soon after, and I started a gradual but complete shift in my training style for my clients, as well as myself. I gradually made it a focus of my fitness program as I realized all the benefits to it. It was also well received by my clients.

I shifted away from machines and isolation exercises toward a more functional approach to supporting and strengthening whole-body movement patterns we all use in everyday life as well as in our chosen sports. This method requires the body to work as a unit, and I learned ways to develop and improve techniques to achieve this, and then tailor them in unique ways for individuals. Suspension training fits very well into my evolving philosophy of what an outstanding training program should be.

My goal with my book (and this site) is to provide all the basic information on how to get the most out of this type of training, whether it be as supplemental resistance training for endurance athletes; as a means of achieving general fitness to assist with overall well-being and daily life; or a short, do-anywhere workout for business travelers for whom something is a lot better than nothing. Resources here will guide you in learning to use suspension training in the gym, at home, or on the road.