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How Do I Know If I Am Getting Any Stronger?

Progress Challenges

Want to know for sure that you’re improving? Here are a couple of tests you can do. Start a block of training with one of the challenges below, record the results, and repeat in a few weeks to see how you have improved. Seeing results is motivating!

Got a partner? Challenge each other and compete or hold each other accountable to a goal of repetitions!

One-Minute Endurance Challenge: Perform as many repetitions of a movement as you can in one minute. You may rest as needed when the sixty seconds are up. Choose a push-up, leg movement, or row, or test all three! Make sure you mark where your feet are if you are doing a suspended version of a movement so you can perform the follow-up test at the same angle.

Push/Pull Strength Challenge: Mark a spot directly under the anchor with a piece of tape, or have a partner stand with his or her feet on that spot.

  • Push-ups: Place your toes on the mark.
  • Rows: Place your heels on the mark.

Perform as many consecutive reps as possible. Record your repetitions and retest in few weeks.

*As you advance, you may want to do this same test using feet-suspended push-ups and pull-ups.