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Set up this home gym for the price of a membership

Get more results and have more fun using it too!

Fitness is important. You need to do more than just walk. You need to strength train for strong bones and defined muscles. You need to do cardio to lose weight, prevent diabetes, and prevent high cholesterol. You can work on flexibility for better movement and posture. Blah Blah Blah, you know all this already…

You’re tired of hearing it.

These are all things that you “should be” doing. If only you could fit all those things into your already way too busy life. You were not blessed with a life of leisure and privilege that allows you the resources for personal training, exercise classes, or even enough time to squeeze in a jog most days. You do not have thousands of dollars to buy exercise equipment and space in your home for a home gym. You have a job, and you have a family you would much rather spend your limited and precious free time with than at a gym among strangers.

You know you could get the fitness you want if given the chance.

You do really want to focus on yourself and get the body and fitness you know you are capable of. But it’s always… someday.

This article is about giving you a solution to work with and get you closer to that “Someday”. It is not a miracle pill or magic solution. You must still be willing to do some work. But if you got this far and have an open mind, consider the home gym shown below:

A suspension trainer, bar with band attachment and various resistance levels of exercise and can all be obtained for under $100 (dog not included).

This is the ENTIRE gym. Ideally, it would be left as shown and remain “user ready”. However, if needed, it could be tucked under a bed or in a closet if space is scarce in your home. The exercise tools shown in the above gym can be used to perform any movement you might do in a gym on a machine. They are even better because they will work your body in a more functional way than isolating muscles with machines. This means more calories burned, more core work, and shorter. more effective workouts. They are also more fun and engaging than the machines in the gym that I see people walking to and from, like zombies.

These are the tools:

  • Suspension Trainer
  • Exercise Band
  • Rip Trainer (or bar)

This is where you can get them:

  • You local athletic equipment store.
  • Online on or other online markets.

You can get the entire set up for less than $100 if you go with generic- branded versions of the equipment.

This is what you can do with them:

Click each of the following links to view a short introduction of exactly what the tool is, as well as a full library of movements you can do with each one.
Suspension Trainer
Exercise Band
Rip Trainer

The exercise libraries are also organized by difficulty level (beginner/intermediate/advanced) and area of the body(upper/lower/core/whole). These videos are 100% free and available to use for ideas, workout building, or learning a new functional movement.

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Feel free to contact me with any questions. Thanks!

A Pushup on a Suspension Trainer(top left)
A Chop Movement with a Rip Trainer(top right)
A Reverse Fly Movement with an Exercise Band(bottom)

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