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Suspension Fitness and Beyond

In Home Fitness: Things you can do anywhere, anytime

This site is an informational site about giving YOU information on 3 PRIMARY IN HOME tools and methods you can use to get better fitness and health. The three main tools explained are exercise bands, suspension training, and the Rip Trainer. See the videos above for a short demo of each.

These tools are inexpensive, easy to use, take of very little space. They all can provide great movements and challenging workouts for all fitness levels, from beginner to advanced. They can also be used in very sport specific workouts such as soccer, baseball, tennis and endurance sport strength and conditioning. . The tools used and workouts given can be done anywhere. In your home, office, while traveling, or outdoors. You will find exercise libraries videos, workout plans and stretches in each section that focus on using either that tool or body weight.

This website is not about making money or selling these products. I don't offer them for sale, and encourage you to research the most budget friend options if you do consider getting any of these for your own use. Health-related problems due to obesity, stress, and inactivity are a huge concern for both individuals and society. Furthermore, people are busier than ever. I see the struggles people have trying to balance the immediate demands of everyday life, with a desire to be fit and healthy. There is always something competing for time and opportunities, and the immediate need usually takes precedent over a long- term plan for better health and fitness. I wanted to introduce people to some "outside the box" methods that can help make better fitness both more obtainable, and more fun: an alternative to counting the minutes down on an elliptical, or walking through a series of machines that work one muscle at a time with a routine you have been doing way too long.

I hope I have been successful in that, and I hope I am able to provide at least some enhancement to your personal fitness program. Please feel free to reach out to me for any questions.

Resource Center

This section is full of tools and ideas to add more fun to your fitness and active lifestyle. Free information, Videos, Ideas, and Tools to help you stay on track, stay motivated, and have more fun with your active lifestyle. Get out of your box, get creative, and dive in to a new ways of getting strong, fit, and losing weight!

Suspension Training

What is it and can it help me? Suspension Training the most underused and widely beneficial training method out there. This explains what it is and why it is such a great catch all fitness tool so many people of various abilities and goals. This section comes includes a small video library and direction on how to get started with this training method on your own.

The Rip Trainer

A the core this tool is a bar with a band attached to it. A simple concept has endless amounts of uses for all ability levels and goals

Elastic Bands

Inexpensive, lightweight, portable and can be set up in your home and while traveling. I bet you never realized how much you can actually do with just a band or two. This section includes videos to get you started, spur ideas for movements, and challenge those of more advanced fitness levels.

Stretching and Recovery

The vast benefits to your body that strength training and exercise brings generally come after you have recovered and adapted to the positive stress of the activity. In addition, being able to move without having to fight against tight muscles is crucial. It will not only result in your feeling better and more flexible, but we also result in more effective workouts!


Click on any of the pics below to find out more about the equipment shown, and how to get started using it yourself.